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Who I am & what I do

All about me, my skills and my work history

I have built a wide skillset from working in a variety of companies and industries, and have learned to adapt to any situation.I have also worked as producer and assistant director on award winning short films. Furthermore, I love volunteering, having helped with community projects when I can since secondary school. I love working in a varied, adapting environment where I will always be challenged by new ideas and technologies. Finally, I am not afraid of failure, I consider it a learning experience which will eventually lead to success.

Cyber Security


I am studying Cyber Security on week-long courses in London. I have learned about how to analyse networks security using techniques like penetration testing. I have also learned about malware analysis, how to set up firewalls and network devices as well as legal and ethical standards.




I am a keen designer; I enjoy working with shapes and colours to make interesting visual experiences. I mainly use Photoshop, but I also have used Illustrator and Flash, as well as freeware like Inkscape and GIMP. I also have made 3D art for games using Blender.



Currently, I am learning how to program in C# and Python. I feel knowing static and dynamic languages gives me a broader view of how things are programmed. Furthermore, I have experience using HTML, CSS, Java and PHP.